Gold IRA information

Do you feel the uncertainty in the security of your retirement plan? OF our economy in general?

Yes, it has improved in the day to day of our economy, we are nearly clear of the recession at this point. Although many Americans still feel the effects and still struggle due to lack of jobs or lack of decent paying jobs.

So how secure does that make you feel about your retirement funds?

Many, rather most of financial wise people are concerned about the funds they have invested or vested for their retirement. Paper currency or investments are risky, the value of our US Dollar is risky and continues to fall. As the dollar decreases in value, so does the value of your paper investments: stocks, bonds, etc.

Anything that is backed by our government is risky as they continue to rob from Peter to pay Paul, and our national debt rises constantly.



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• Inflation

Inflation is the #1 killer of our economy. That and that fact that we have a central banking system, that has been printing dollars that are not backed by gold, which is Unconstitutional, but also very damaging to the economy and the value of our dollar. If the money supply rapidly increases in an economy, it devalues the current currency. Say if you had 10% of all the money in the world, $1 million dollars, you would be considered wealthy. Then consider if overnight the all the money in the world suddenly increased to $100 million and you still only had that $100,000 that you had yesterday. Now you are not very wealthy. This is inflation. Someone or some group of someone’s decides that they need to pump money into the economy to encourage economic growth. But in reality, it simply devalues the dollars overall.


• Worthless Money

As you can see from the example of inflation, our country has been devaluing our dollars for many years. The largest economic crash is yet to happen. When the dollar bottoms out and is worthless. That is when the same government that created the crisis is going to call up any IRAs and wipe them out to repay the national debt.

Do not let anyone tell you that this cannot happen that your IRAs are safe. They are as safe and valuable as the paper they are printed on. The government has the option of dipping into your personal IRA funds to pay off the national debt. They are absolutely not safe. When the government allowed the Federal Reserve Bank to become a central banking system that basically can choose the interest rates at random, and print money whenever they feel they need to, because they do not have to back the paper money with gold as in the Constitution. Then they print this worthless money and loan it to the U.S. Government. It’s no wonder we are Trillions of dollars in national debt.

Considering the national debt, and the fact that the Federal Reserve can print money anytime they want, they control the economy absolutely. Every country that has had a central banking system has failed. We will be right there in the near future. At the point that the bottom falls out of our dollar value, and it is totally worthless worldwide, the government will be cleaning out every available form of paper currency, including all stocks, bonds and individual retirement accounts.
Not only is our country destroying itself. But now because of the condition of our economy, China is trying to buy up a majority of the available gold, in order to crash our economy completely. This would great sense if you were one of the largest countries, and you compete against America.

Now is the time to rethink your investments and your retirement funds. If you rely on paper backed investments only, you very likely will not have a retirement fund by the time you need it. Diversifying your investments and doing a Gold IRA Rollover are very wise choices with the unstable economy in the USA. Choosing to have your funds backed by physical precious metals allows you the security of knowing your investments are not going to disappear, they will be available when you need them.

• Are you concerned about retirement?

You should be! Everyone knows that Social Security is not going to take care of you in your retirement. If it is still around when you retire, it is not going to be enough to live comfortably, as those who receive it now have to stretch their budgets and some still have to work part time to make ends meet. No one wants to have that kind of worry, or stress when you are ready to retire. You believed, as you were advised, that your IRA or 401K would be your nest egg along with your social security. These days that is not the case, and will continue to become riskier in the future as the dollar devalues more and more. Protect your IRA now, so that you do not have to worry about the future.

• What is a Gold IRA?

A Gold IRA is the same as any IRA, but it is backed by actual gold to secure it rather than paper. The gold is held in custody for the benefit of the IRA, either in bullion or bars. Gold self-directed IRAs can include accounts such as Roth, SEP, Simple, HAS, TSP and 401Ks. The gold is purchased and stored either in a storage company with a custodian or with a self-directed Ira, the individual may choose to cut out the custodian and storage fees by holding ownership themselves.

• How do you do a Gold IRA Rollover?

It is a very simple process to do a Gold IRA Rollover, it’s a matter of withdrawing funds from your current IRA, then reinvesting them into a Gold IRA account. This can be done personally, where you do the withdrawal and redeposit of funds. Or you can fill out an application, usually online with a company that will help take care of all the details. You will have to sign the necessary papers for authorization, then the custodians and account managers would take care of the transfer and reinvestments with your approval.

There are steps of how to rollover a traditional IRA into a Gold IRA, they are fairly simple.There are 3 simple steps to setting up a rollover from a traditional IRA into a Gold IRA.

Visit this link when you are ready to begin

Fill out the form

The account team will begin working on your account right away

That is painless and could not be more easy to begin the process. The account team will work with your current custodian, once your signed paperwork is returned a new account will be completed. You will be notified of everything as it progresses.

What is Gold IRA Investing?

Gold IRA investing is very simply investing part of your IRA funds in gold, so that your monies are back by something tangible that has shown a long history of being secure in value. The U.S. Government allows you to invest in gold for retirement purposes and offers tax advantages when using an IRA. If your current IRA custodian does not offer the option of physical gold IRA investing, or physical silver investing, you can set up another IRA and rollover a portion of your funds into a Gold IRA.

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

Precious metals IRAs are any IRA that are physically backed by gold, silver or bullion. They are all structured the same as any traditional IRA, but they are more secure because of the physical backing of precious metals, not paper.• Can you go from 401K to Gold IRA Rollover?Yes, you can rollover your 401K into a Gold IRA account. This ensures that your 401K dollars are backed by physical gold, not paper dollars that are unstable.

Who are Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is a Gold IRA company, rated #1 by many reviews and comparisons for Gold IRA companies. They offer their clients the security and safety of their retirement investments to be backed by physical precious metals rather than unstable paper dollars.

They are the only company that uses Brinks depository for storage, this is one of the safest storage options in the world. Customer service and ease of use are top notch with Regal Assets. The happy customers that offer glowing reviews shows this is a fact.

Tips for choosing a Gold IRA Company

When you are ready to invest in a Gold IRA, you want to take time to choose the right or best company you can find, so that you are comfortable with your choice and your investment options. There are many companies available now that Gold IRAs are getting more attention. Choosing wisely is imperative, you do not want some fly by night company that won’t be there tomorrow and leave you trying to secure your gold somehow without losing out.


Do your research. Read about the company, not just on their website but on other sites. Check out reviews that are non-bias of companies that specialize in Gold IRA. Check the Better Business Bureau for ratings and check their complaints and how they were handled. Look for a company that has longevity as well, if they have been in business 10+ years they are more than likely going to be around 10+ more years.


You should want a company that can offer you other investment options as well. The Gold IRA is the best investment option for having secured physical backing of your funds. But you want to stay diverse also. So having options such as stocks, bonds, and real estate makes the company you choose more valuable to you.


Ensure that you read all the policies of the companies you are interested in. They should either be available online or by request. If not that would seem as if something is being hidden in their policies.


Check each company for their fees carefully. Compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. You will have several types of fees, the only one that may be different than a traditional IRA would be the storage fees for where your gold or precious metals are securely stored until you want to sell them.

Storage Security

Question where your precious metals will be stored, ask about the precautions and safety features of the facility. Inquire about how many locations they have, both national and international. Finally, but very important ask about segregated storage. This means that your precious metals are stored securely away from anyone else’s precious metals. You would have your own section of the vault, ensuring that you have easy access to liquidate when you are ready.


The company you choose should offer a buyback program. This allows you an easy and efficient way to cash in your precious metals when you are ready. They should offer to buy back your precious metals at spot price of the metal, so that you get the best return on your investment at the time.
Regal Assets has proven to hold all of these top qualities in a Gold IRA company. Please do your research then request your complimentary Gold IRA Rollover Kit. You will not be disappointed with your choice at Regal Assets.


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Setting up your Gold IRA is very simple. It ensures that your investment is safe and secure for when you need to sell it. There are other ways you can diversify your retirement funds as well. You can purchase other precious metals or coins for retirement, and still enjoy some tax benefits. This is something that a good solid Gold IRA Company will be able to help you with. They can offer you diversity and the opportunity to purchase other items that you can even hold personally. Precious metals are a safe and secure option for any investing, gold is not volatile as some people would like you to believe, like the Chinese. It has proven over many centuries and cultures to be a viable investment.

Make the choice now.